There’s so much news that I haven’t been able to share because I was without my blog working for awhile.  However, if you’re a member of my forum, follow me on FaceBook, or receive my newsletter, then you probably know most of the news. 🙂

I’ve gotten to see the covers for both Midnight’s Master and Midnight’s Lover, as well as learning the release dates – May 22, 2012 and June 26, 2012 respectively.

The covers are stunning!  Truly stunning.  I cannot wait to show them off…but that won’t be for a few months yet.  I’m going to do a big “Cover Reveal” sometime in February/March.  I’m so looking forward to hearing what y’all think of the covers.  I will admit – they are completely different from the Dark Sword covers. 🙂

I’m working on a new proposal this week on an idea I got last night as I was drifting off to sleep.  That happens a lot, I’ve noticed.  It’s that place between awake and asleep that my brain kicks into overdrive.  I’m eager to start this proposal and see what these four guys have planned.

I will give you a hint – they’re Highlanders. 😀

lol.  Of course, right?!  I mean, who can resist a Highlander?  Apparently I can’t.

And next week I’ll be re-releasing my Halloween themed/werewolf novella – Primal Heat.  This was the first story I ever wrote that was set entirely in contemporary times.  I thought it fitting to release it during October, just in time for Halloween.