FYI – contest and website

Hi, all!

I had no idea that my new site would go live in the middle of our November contest, but to my excitement it’s up!  Yes, the new is up and ready for you to look through.

There are some kinks to work out and some more pages to be added, but all in all, its done.

However, it also means that the blog has moved. 😦  I know, I know, your shaking your head in frustration.  Believe me, I completely understand.  You have no idea how difficult it is for me to be posting on two blogs to make sure things get transferred over. 😦

So, I beg your indulgence and ask that you head to the new site – and the new blog.  If you’ve signed in here to get this blog I thank you profusely, and hate to have to tell you that once this contest is over I’ll be over at the other blog exclusively.

The first four days of the contest will remain up here and I will make sure everyone who posts either here or at the new blog will be entered into the contests.

Again, I’m so sorry, but trust me, with all the new goodies on the new site, it’s worth it.  Promise. 😉



Day Four – November Contest

Ready for today’s contest?! Lots of great tagging going on yesterday.  Thank you all so much!  Y’all are the GREATEST!!!!

Don’t forget to check Lisa’s blog each day for the other part of our contest!

Today I’ll be giving away a signed print copy of SHADOW HIGHLANDER as the prize!

All you have to do is go tweet about the contest.  Please use #DonnaandLisabigcontest when you do.  Then come back here and let us know you did it.

As a second entry, you can add HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH to your Goodreads or Amazon list or bookshelf.  Again, make sure you come back here and tell me (a link would be great!) so you can get the entry.

Don’t forget on Monday we’ll be picking each day’s prizes as well as winners for the grand prizes of:

Anyone else hungry now?  lol


Day Three – November Contest

It’s day 3 for Lisa and I’s contest.  Is everyone having fun yet? 🙂

Today we’re tagging.  No, that’s not the playground game were you run up and touch somebody before yelling, “Tag.  Your it!”  lol

This is about placing “tags” on Amazon to make it easier for readers to find authors books.  It’s pretty simple.  Just go to the Amazon book page and scroll down under reviews where you’ll find “Tags Customers Associate with This Product”.  Most likely you’ll already find tags there.  You can check any tag you agree with, or find the box and the “add” button to add another.

For Lisa’s HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH, please tag the book with at least these tags and as many more as you’d like:

Hot Vampire Kiss
Hot Vampire Touch
Lisa Renee Jones

For every tag you get an entry.  So be sure to post here about what tag(s) you used. 🙂

Now, for the prize…a free ebook!  Your choice of Highland Fires, Highland Magic, Mesmerized, Primal Heat, Dragonfyre, or Forever Mine.

Good luck!  And don’t forget to head over to Lisa’s Blog for today’s contest!


Day Two – November Contest

Are y’all ready for day two of this scrumptious November contest? 🙂  This will be another easy one.

In honor of Lisa’s third Vampire Wardens book, HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH, please go to the Amazon Page and/or BN page and “like” the book.  For extra entries “like” Lisa or any of her other books.

Be sure to return here and let me know which books you’ve liked.  Each “like” is an entry.

And what prize are you entering for?  How does a $10 iTunes gift card sound? 🙂

All contests will stay open through Sunday, December 4th with winners announced on mine and Lisa’s blog on Monday, December 5th.

And don’t forget, Lisa has a contest going on each day on her blog as well.  Be sure to head over there and check it out!


Day one – November Contest

I’m still finding it hard to believe its the end of November.  And did we really just have Thanksgiving?  lol.  I’m so far down in the deadline den that I doubt I’ll see the light of day anytime soon.

But its time for the November contest! yay!  I love doing contests.  There will be a different contest each day on mine and Lisa’s blog.  So be sure to check each of ours daily.

Each day there will be a different winner, with two grand prize winners at the end of the contest for a Honey Baked Ham g/c and Godiva chocolate!

Since it’s Monday and I’m wrapping up the final pages for my novella due on the 1st, let’s begin with an easy contest for this week. 🙂

All you need to do is spread the word about this contest, Lisa’s new book – HOT VAMPIRE TOUCH, or my book SHADOW MAGIC.

You must return to the blog and tell me how you spread the word, as well as links if you have them.

Prize is a $10 Amazon gift card!

Each contest will stay open through Sunday, December 4th, with winners being announced on Monday, December 5th here and on Lisa’s blog.

Good luck!


November Contest

Coming in November I’m doing another contest with the awesome Lisa Renee Jones to celebrate our releases.  Posted in this blog are the three graphics for the contest.  If you’d like to help us spread the word about the contest, simply right click on the graphic and save it to your computer.

Be sure to link to either mine or Lisa’s website, and then come back here to this post and let me know where you’ve posted the graphic along with a link so I can see it.

For every place you put the graphics, you’ll be entered into a separate contest.  This one is for a bag of goodies from each of us.  🙂

Rainbow of colors

I asked on my Facebook page about colors for covers, and I found it so interesting.  So, I thought I’d bring the question here.

What colors do you not like/hate to see on covers?

What colors do you like to see on covers?

For me this is difficult.  It depends on so many factors – title, genre, time period, etc…  There are some covers that I look at and think, its okay, but had it been different it might have done ever better.

Then, there are covers that people are still talking about.  One is the lovely Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series – all of them. 🙂  I mean, have you looked at the covers?  Everything a woman wants to see in a Highlander – well, almost everything.  lol

Orange isn’t one of my favorite colors, but on this cover, it works  well.  Though, I have to admit, I think just about any color would work when you have muscles like that. 😉

The point is to get people to notice the books, especially when they’re on the shelves in a bookstore.  Hard to pick just one.  I remember clearly when I learned WICKED HIGHLANDER was going to be purple.

Purple!  I so wanted it changed, but I was assured that readers gravitated to purple.  I didn’t really believe them.  Until I saw my first royalty statement.  Um…yeah, purple sells.  And sells *really* well.  Who knew?!


More Cover Love!

I love when books release back to back, and St. Martin’s (my most awesome publisher) has scheduled me for not one, but four back to back releases over the next two years.

Not including the three novellas being released as ebooks next summer between the back to back releases!

As a reader, I love that.  As an author, I’m so fortunate my publisher has given me the chance to do it.

I’ve been flooded with emails about Logan’s cover MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, but don’t ask for spoilers because I won’t give them. 😉  It’s killing me to keep it to myself, but I’m determined.  There is just *so* much coming that I’m trying to space it out.  I do love my teasing.  lol

So, without further ado, here’s Ian’s cover, which I think is simply perfect.  Perfect model for Ian, perfect model for Dani.  Perfect colors.  Just…well, perfect.  lol.

I love both, but I think this is my favorite of the two.  What do you think?


Cover Love!

I’ve been holding off showing this awesome cover for my first Dark Warriors book – the next path from the Dark Sword series.  It’s been revealed now!  If you’re on my forum, you got an advanced view of it.

Are you ready? 🙂

It’s so different from my Dark Sword covers, but I love it.  I love the colors and even the guy, despite no hunky muscles showing.  I also like how the girl’s eyes are looking.  She looks exactly how I pictured Gwynn in my head!

Coming *very* soon is the reveal for Ian’s book – MIDNIGHT’S LOVER – that will release back to back with MIDNIGHT’S MASTER.

The back cover copy will come in late December/early January.

I’ve had lots of questions as to why the change in the covers, the titles, and the series title.  All I can say is that all the answers are in Broc’s book DARKEST HIGHLANDER (Jan 31, 2012).

There are some huge twists people won’t see coming, but all I can ask is that y’all trust me.  Everything will come out in the next books of the Dark Warriors series.